Indicators Of Nature Service

Indian Culture.. The Forest Culture. Long ago, our ancestors, our saints have laid the foundation of this culture inhibiting the forests. Hence, Indian Culture is fondly known as ‘The Forest Culture’ (अरण्य संस्कृती). Rituals which are thoughtful, calibrated on the base of science are its greatness. It takes a great deal of intelligence to create a system based on the above principles whose effects we have been experiencing from generations. Today’s progress is indefinite which isn’t conducive to nature. In this scenario, we are bestowed upon the responsibility to conserve the wealth that we have, to increase it, to serve it selflessly.

Today, we have become very narrow minded. We believe, the 3 people living in our 2000 Sq. feet apartment are our sole responsibility, are our world. We have so compactly drawn walls that we pretend anything happening outside them is none of our concern. We boast of what is called as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ , but never adopt a global belief because it needs a great amount of courage. How is it going to work? What is in mind is in deeds. We first need to eliminate the feeling from our mind that I’m an individual from a particular locality or citizen of a particular state or country and instill in our mind that, ”I am a Global Citizen.” If we accept this fact, then definitely it will be reflected in our mind and deeds. The water which we are drawing from our wells is about 500years old. The water level in these ancient sources is rapidly depleting. Actually saving it for the future generation is a totally different thing, we aren’t even thinking about it. Nature gives us intangible amount of clean, potable water absolutely free of cost each year.

Storing it, harvesting it and assimilating it into the ground would be a task of great deal. But we have become shameless enough to mask the ground with concrete in the pretext of development and leading this purest form of water to drains!We define God as shapeless, omnipresent and perfect. We also believe that He resides in every life form. On the other hand we engage in worshipping a figure or a person. Irony is, we have started doing all the bizarre activities in front of a stone in the name of God! But what in nature is abstract? It is the air which is abstract. Shapeless, without
any fixed properties. One of the main ingredient of this air is Oxygen. Being essential for life to survive our ancestors have rightly called it the ‘Pran vayu’. And it is abundantly present in nature also, it is omnipresent. Thus considering the air to be god, how many of us are its devotees and how many are antagonists? If we look around, the world is full of antagonists. Conserving plants and forest cover is need of the hour. Rather than worshipping the plant, planting and adopting trees would be considerd a noble and wise deed.

A person needs 17 plants to survive his 60 years of life. Nagpur’s population is about 30 Lakh and total trees are 17 Lakh. Statistically, not even a half tree for a person! People don’t plant a single tree in their entire lifetime, and two tree trunks are burned with the dead body of a person. So, how much ethical is this ritual and how long can we afford to continue is something that needs to be thought upon. Rather than throwing the seeds of the fruits in dustbin, thus ending the life, sow these in the soil. If there are more fruit bearing trees, there would be more birds. Ground water table will increase. Birds would be able to flourish on these trees. Ants will be able to build their anthills. Air will be purified. We will be provided with cool shade and breeze, reducing the need of fans and saving electricity. Compost could be obtained from the dried leafs and oxygen level will increase!We don’t value people as much as we used. In this era of internet, have become independent. Humanity doesn’t need the attention it did. Now, Mother Nature needs us! Its endangered now. Be a Nature Server, be a Nature Lover! We worship the almighty with selflessly , but if we serve nature even with a selfish motto we are bound to receive back not in additions but in multiples! Nature is a person’s true friend and Guru. I believe serving this Guru is the greatest form of service we can do.

Give it a thought and act accordingly.


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