Bird Conservation Need Of Hour

“Save Birds”
Heard a voice crying aloud.
Simultaneously I said to myself,
“ What can I do?”

With a positive thought this question echoed in my mind and it prompted me to do something for the same. I opened my eyes and saw mother humming a song while sorting the grains and there were birds feasting on the grains lying around. While watching these birdies I realized, nature must have thought thoroughly while creating these beautiful creatures. Nature has bestowed upon them the responsibility to finish the insects and increase the forest cover. Increasing the forest cover? Sounds like a Herculean task for this petty creature, doesn’t it? But it’s the truth. Eating the fruits till they’re full and then spreading the seeds through their excreta. When these seeds get sowed into ground, a plant grows out of it. That’s how it works!

British came to India, destroyed all its wealth, culture and unity. Also disrupting the nature. Eariler, there used to be fruit bearing trees in every household which provided for food to the birds. But now, the fruitless and flowerless garden plants have replaced them. Neither do they provide enough shade, nor enough oxygen. We Indians have been so engrossed in that custom that now separating us from it is next to impossible. Its not  unknown that the mobile towers have reduced the bird count, but tell me how many fruit bearing plants have you planted lately for the birds? A women replied that their backyard has been concretized for parking and they have placed 2-3 show plants in vases and boast of having plantations in house. God save the world!

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’

We in India have a tradition of serving at least a glass of water to whosoever is standing on the threshold of our house. Then why not follow this tradition for these little visitors? True wisdom lies in it. Concretization leaves no place for the grass to grow. Hence all we see these days are the nests made up of white fabric of the plastics and inorganic waste. The seeds in the excreta of birds is wasted rather than getting sowed in the ground. In the absence of fruits, the decrease in the number of birds is evident. Let’s just get serious about it and work accordingly. Place water in an earthen bowl in your balcony. The thread used by the local grocery shop owner to tie things up in a paper is a good material for the birds to build nests. But the mall culture has replaced even this thread. Not the paper wrapping, but the plastic cover is what attracts us, isn’t it? Plastic sack is rapidly replacing the gunny sacks. We have even confiscated their right to take the broom twinges by replacing them with plastic fibers. This is a step towards destruction .Keep it in mind, the traditional birds are on the verge of getting extinct from this country on the account of deforestation. So, if you feel yourself to be accountable for all this, do your bit for conserving the birds. If you want to clean up the society, you have to start cleaning from within yourself, the world will soon be a better place automatically!


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